HI-Q TOOLS battery charger PM750_1
HI-Q TOOLS battery charger PM750
HI-Q TOOLS battery charger PM750_2
HI-Q TOOLS battery charger PM750_3
HI-Q TOOLS battery charger PM750

HI-Q TOOLS battery charger PM750

battery charger CAN BUS 6/12 V, 750mA, for lead-acid PM750

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battery charger CAN BUS 6/12 V 750mA, for lead-acid PM750

Color: black


Small CANBUS-capable battery charger for 6- and 12-V lead-acid batteries (WET, MF, AGM and gel).

You can use this charger to recharge the battery when needed or leave it on for extended periods of time (for example, over winter), thus extending battery life.

Particularly suitable for small and medium-size batteries in vintage cars, passengers cars, jet skis, lawnmowers, snowmobiles, etc.

  • Automatically detects if a 12- or 6-volt battery is connected after turning it on through the Mode button
  • Checks the charging status of the battery and automatically starts the optimal charging process or the freshness-keeping mode
  • Built-in battery desulfator to restore used batteries. It can also reactivate undamaged, discharged batteries
  • On most models with CANBUS, also suitable for connection to the original on-board plug socket (for example, for BMW, Ducati, Triumph and Harley-Davidson) - you may need a suitable adapter (see options)
  • From plugging it in and forgetting to use the vehicle - the charger does all there is in between
  • Includes removable crocodile clips which are attached to eyelets that can also be screwed directly to the battery terminals alternatively
  • This is particularly functional if the battery is difficult to reach for
  • The connection to the charger is made through an X-Connect plug - this also allows the connection of further accessories (see options)
  • If the X-Connect socket is screwed firmly to the battery, it can be closed with a rubber cover
  • The power plug is integrated in the charger itself. In combination with the extra-long connection cable, the casing doesn't get in the way
  • Input voltage 100 V-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, maximum consumption 20 watts
  • Charging current up to 750 mA - suitable for batteries up to 30 Ah
  • Degree of protection: IP60
Dimensions (approx.):
  • Length x width x height (without plug) Housing: 113 x 69 x 34 mm
  • Wide crocodile clips metal/plastic: 12/15 mm
  • Cable length device to X-Connect plug: 320 cm
  • Cable length Connect plug to battery connection grommets: 56 cm
  • Cable length Connect plug to tip crocodile clips: 64 cm
  • Ø eyelet: 6.5 mm (M6)
Weight: 380 g

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